Meet Our Design Intern

Gisella DelBuono Reflects on Her Internship with Sign Pro

Gisella DelBuono is currently a Senior at Central Connecticut State University, where she is majoring in Graphic Design.
After being with Sign Pro’s internship program for sometime, we asked her to reflect on her experience with us.
“I was nervous when I first started. It was my first real job as a graphic designer and I never had too much experience with printing, especially on such a large scale like we do at Sign Pro. I have known about this company for years before I even applied and heard about how big it was getting so I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone who has more experience than I do. I knew I was going to have to push myself to learn everything.
I had three goals during my duration of the internship:

1. Learn more about the printing side of design
2. Gain a broader knowledge of the design software and possibly learn new programs
3. Learn how to design a vehicle wrap

What I’ve enjoyed the most during this internship is seeing the work our other designers have created which inspires me to be better. They’re very talented and have helped me out a lot along the way. I know how busy they are but they never turned down a chance to assist me when I had questions. I also get to see the entire process that goes into making everything. I not only do the design work, but I’ve had the opportunity to see the entire process from speaking to clients to designing and printing. I think working so closely with Pete has given me the opportunity to learn as much as I can about the company and how it all comes together.
I was nervous about this job at first but now that I’ve gotten the hang of everything for the most part, I really enjoy it. The fact that I get new projects to work on almost every day keeps it exciting and helps me keep my creativity flowing.
So far, I’ve learned more about the printing side. The staff in graphics helped a lot with that. When I started, I would ask a lot of questions on how exactly they want certain files set up before I send it in for printing and they showed me what works best. I’ve also learned how to be a lot quicker with my designs due to the turn-around time for jobs that’s expected at Sign Pro. I used to stress over one project that I had weeks to complete and now I’m designing multiple projects in the matter of a few hours.
Everyone is extremely friendly here and it helped me feel more comfortable when I was starting. Family has always played a big role in my life and I feel like I now have a second one with Sign Pro.
I just want to thank Sign Pro for taking me in and giving me this opportunity. Many designers my age have a hard time finding jobs during and after school in our field because many employers are looking for people with years of experience which is almost impossible to have as a college student. So for that, I really appreciate Sign Pro taking a chance on me and allowing me to grow and learn as a designer.”
For more information on Sign Pro’s Internship Program and why we’re a great place to work in CT, visit our website: or give us a call at 860.229.1812.
Gisella in Sign Pro Lobby