How much does a car vinyl wrap cost?

Short Answer: $2,000 – $5,000

Long Answer: Car, truck, van, trailer or any other vehicle wrap prices vary based on multiple factors such as:

Vehicle size for vinyl wrap

One of the biggest factors in determining vehicle wrap pricing is the size of the vehicle. At Sign Pro Inc we wrap anything from a smaller vehicle such as snowmobile all the way up to a tractor trailer. Just to give you an idea here are some of the vehicles wrap services we offer:

  • Motorcycle vinyl wrap service
  • Snowmobile vinyl wrap service
  • Golf Cart vinyl wrap service
  • ATV vinyl wrap service
  • Compact, midsize or full size car vinyl wrap service
  • Van vinyl wrap service
  • Pickup truck vinyl wrap service
  • Trailer wrap vinyl service
  • Box truck vinyl wrap service
  • Tractor Trailer vinyl wrap service
  • Bus vinyl wrap service
  • Boat and watercraft vinyl wrap service
  • Aircraft vinyl wrap service

As you see each one of these come in different sizes and directly affect the amount wrap vinyl that we would use as well as the amount of time it would take to wrap the vehicle. A bus vinyl wrap could take at least 6 times more vinyl than a smaller passenger car vinyl wrap which directly impacts the wrap pricing.

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Types of Car Wraps

When it comes to wrapping a car, truck, van, trailer or any other vehicle you basically have 3 choices of wrap coverage: Decals, Partial Wrap or Full Wrap.

$250starting at
Budget Friendly
Advertise Your Company
Fastest Turn Around Time
Design & Installation Fees Not Included
Partial Wrap
$550starting at
Budget Friendly
One Step Up from Graphics
Faster Turn Around Time
Design & Installation Fees Not Included
Full Wrap
$1900starting at
Great Advertising
Protects the paint
Stand out from the crowd
Design & Installation Fees Not Included

What are Vehicle Decals?

So you want to advertise your brand on your vehicle but have a very small budget. That’s when decals come in handy. Decals are basically stickers made of high quality cast vinyl such as 3M laminated with high quality cast laminate. They last just as long as vinyl wrap does but have a much smaller coverage. Usually decals are put on the sides of the vehicle, doors and the rear. They are an effective budget friendly way to advertise your logo, phone number or any other relevant information. Decals and vehicle graphics take less time to install because usually thy are installed on flat surfaces.

Great for small budgets

Advertise your brand

What is a Partial Car Wrap?

Partial wrap is a vinyl wrap that covers only a portion of a car, van, truck, trailer or any other vehicle. Vinyl wrap coverage can be from minimal to most of the vehicle. This is usually done to lower the cost of getting a car wrap, however sometimes well designed car wrap will intentionally use a partial wrap and incorporate the original color of the vehicle. Partial wraps are a great option for companies or individuals looking to get a step up from vehicle decals but their budget may not allow a costlier option such as a full vehicle wrap. Companies usually have the rear part of their car, van, truck or trailer partially wrapped. Partial wraps definitely will get more attention than vehicle decals. However certain people may feel like partial wraps look “unfinished” and can afford the cost of a full car wrap.

What is a Full Car Wrap?

Full wrap for a car, van, truck, trailer or any other vehicle means that all body panels of the vehicle such as sides, read, hood and roof  are wrapped with vinyl. Depending on the regional laws and regulations windows can be wrapped with perforated window vinyl. Some larger vehicles such as trucks, trailers and vans do not usually get their roof wrapped in vinyl. Fully wrapped car is eye catching and stands out from other vehicles. It is one of the most effective ways to deliver your message and advertise your brand.

360° Coverage

Protects the paint

Most effective way to advertise

Maximum exposure of your brand

Which one is the best car vinyl wrap option?

Wondering which of the three wrap types is the best choice for you? It all comes down to your advertising goals and budget. Cost of a full car vinyl wrap makes it the most expensive option however you get the most exposure with it and makes your vehicle fleet stand out from the crowd better than all the other options. Decals are a great way to get into car fleet vinyl wrap advertising if your budget is really small or it meets a specific need. All three choices will certainly increase your marketing reach and boost your brand exposure.

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Types of Vinyl for Car Wrap

The second most crucial part in wrapping a car, van, truck, trailer or any other vehicle is the type of wrap vinyl you select. Just like with most materials nowadays there are many manufactures of wrap vinyl as well as multiple types of vinyl out there.

At Sign Pro Inc we only the best industry wraps such as 3M cast vinyl and cast laminate to wrap any car, van, truck and trailer. This is obviously more expensive than a cheaper vinyl however this ensures that the wrap will last a long time. Sign Pro Inc is a 3M Certified Installer which means that you get the best industry warranty for your vehicle wrap.

Having a certified installer is crucial for vinyl wrapping. Certified installers have been trained and passes rigorous tests from the manufacturer of the vinyl wrap to make sure that you get the best service with the best product. Sign Pro Inc is a proud to be certified by or a member of the following associations within the vinyl wrap industry:

Certified Provider – UASG – United Applications Standard Group Logo
Certified Provider – Fellers Vehicle Wraps Logo
Certified Installation Company – 3M Corporation Logo
Member – Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Logo
Member – International Sign Association Logo

Benefits of Using Industry Best Wrap Vinyl

Best Warranty in the Industry100%
Best durability and longevity100%
Trained and Certified Installer Availability100%
Matching Cast Laminate to Extend the Life of the Wrap100%
Let the Pros work for you
Let 3M Certified Installers Wrap You Fleet

Curves and Complexity of a Vehicle

Wrapping a car, van, truck, trailer or any other vehicle is an art of itself. Unlike painting however you do not get a canvas so to speak. Most vehicles have a certain areas that are not flat but rather curved or convex. You also have to deal with small details such as door handles, antennas, lights and car emblems. These provide a challenge to getting a good wrap. It is important to know your “canvas” before you begin the art of wrapping.

A box truck that is 15′ long may take less time to wrap than a Volkswagen Golf. A box truck may have a larger area but it is mainly flat and doesn’t have all the curves and complexities of the smaller vehicle. Quite a bit of small parts need to be taken out to wrap a smaller car such as Volkswagen Golf.

Trained and certified installer will the experience, knowledge, skills and tools to properly remove those parts and put them back without damaging your vehicle.

The complexity of your vehicle has more impact on the cost of vinyl wrapping your car, van, truck, trailer than most people think. It is often overlooked and can be surprising. Make sure that those details are taken into consideration when you get a  pricing quote for vehicle vinyl wrap.

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Vehicle Wrap Service Location

Where can you wrap a car? Having a climate controlled environment is crucial for wrapping your vehicle. Sign Pro Inc offers vehicle wrap service at our state of the art facility as well as on site car wrap service. Having your vehicle vinyl wrapped at our facility can be done regardless of the weather conditions outside. We are not affected by snow, rain or any other weather elements.

If you chose to have your vehicle wrapped at your location our certified vinyl wrap installers use specialized tools that they can bring along. However going to an onsite location our installers must have adequate space and environment be able to successfully wrap you fleet. Transportation of the crew along with their tools can increase your cost of vehicle wrap service.

Most clients prefer to leave their vehicles at our facility and let us worry about making it look fantastic. We will notify you once the vehicle is wrapped and is ready to be picked up.

State of the art car wrap service in Connecticut
Sign Pro Can wrap an entire fleet or a single car
AdvertiseCar Wrap Advertising is one of the most efficient ways to promote your brand and message.
ProtectVinyl wrap can protect your vehicle's paint from scratches and any road hazards such as small rocks.
ImpressFull car wrap can make your fleet stand out from the competition as well as impress your future customers.
SaveVehicle vinyl wrap service is usually a lot cheaper than a full paint job and can save you money.

Is Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Worth It?

Now that we have shown you main components that can drive the cost of a vehicle wrap up or down you may be wondering is it even worth getting a vehicle wrap?

There are many benefits you gain from wrapping you vehicle regardless of the cost of the wrap. Number one benefit is obviously a layer of protection vinyl wrap adds to your car’s paint. Any road hazards that may scratch your paint will go directly on the wrap vinyl and laminate. When you are ready to move on you can have the vinyl wrap removed and your car’s paint will be like it was before the wrap. A full wrap for a vehicle is usually a lot less than getting a full paint job.

A full wrap can get you colors and graphics that are hard to achieve via a paint job and therefore your vehicle will stand out from other vehicles. This is a great way to promote your message or brand.

According to Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) fleet vehicle advertising boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising. That means you get the most ROI (Return on Investment) from fleet wrap advertising than billboards, commercials or any other ads.

Let’s do the real quick math. Say, an ad in Yellow Pages or billboards cost approximately $3,000 per month. You decide to spend that sum of money on a full vehicle wrap once. Your company exposure from vehicle wrap advertisement gives you 24-hour exposure every day, 365 days per year with an average life of a vehicle being 5 years in use. In 5 years, it would cost you about $0.07 an hour to advertise your business with a car vinyl wrap. ($3,000 divided by 5 years divided by 365 days divided by 24 hours) On average your wrapped vehicle gets about 30,000 – 70,000 daily impressions, which is about 1,250 to 2,917 impressions an hour. That means you would be paying less than $0.00007 per impression. That is pretty good for advertising. Once again this could be one of the cheapest ways to advertise your brand or message. Think of the benefits of this advertising rather than the pricing of a vehicle vinyl wrap. Car vinyl wraps are literally moving your brand forward everyday whether your vehicle is on the road or parked.

Call today to get a free pricing quote on vehicle vinyl wrap and let the pros handle it whether you are in Connecticut or not!

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