Sign Pro’s Solar Initiative Recognized By Industry

Two major publications recognize Sign Pro Inc's commitment to sustainable energy.

Number companies using solar energy is growing daily. Not only does it help the planet it actually saves business’ money. A recent study from SEIA shows that in companies relying on solar energy can have more stable energy cost.

Sustainability and renewable energy have been crucial since the day the company was created by Pete Rappoccio in 1990. In November, 2018 Sign Pro Inc installed 890 solar panels onto the roof of its building.

The new panels provide enough power for the entire operation of the business making Sign Pro Inc 100% solar energy powered business. This bold move has been recognized by industry sign industries major publications.

Sign Builder Illustrated is sign industry’s “how-to-magazine”. It is published monthly and each full-color issue contains informative how-to articles, analysis of trends, industry news, and the latest product release. In their February 2019 issue they featured an article by Jeff Wooten titled “Solar Powered: Green-thinking Sign Pro Renews Its Initiatives“.

Signs of the Times is sign industry’s leading brand for comprehensive sign-industry news, technical information and in-depth analysis since 1906. They also publish a monthly magazine with industries latest news. In their February 2019 issue they published an article by Mark Kissling titled “Under the Sun“.

Sign Pro’s commitment to sustainable energy is not a surprise since it is in Sign Pro’s core values that it “will continue raising the bar as an innovator, expert, and industry influencer”. This commitment has been recognized outside of the sign industry by the following organizations:

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