Are Vehicle Wraps Right for You?

The Many Benefits of Vehicle Advertising

With the world the way it is today; automobile travel is basically a must. In a year, the average person drives around 15,000 miles, passing millions of other vehicles. All of which could be potential customers for a company. But the only way that these average drivers turn into potential customers, is through vehicle advertisements.
Companies are currently spending a fortune on marketing campaigns and advertisements that may only last up to a month. So why not spend a fraction of that cost and have your company’s information and brand image advertised to thousands of people daily through a span of 5 to 7 years?
Are Vehicle Wraps Right for You?
If you have a company vehicle then your next step would be to contact a company that has the capability of doing this work. You could have an idea of what you want or no idea at all. A premium sign company will take you through every step to get your company standing out on the roads. They will first get you a design and a quote. A design team will take on average up to 6 hours designing the perfect car graphics for your specific vehicle. Once you are satisfied, you will then get a quote. Pricing for these wraps range primarily based on the square footage of graphic work you want done on the vehicle. So obviously is you want a full graphic wrap, the price will increase as the car size increases. Once that is all set, the car will be taken in for the wrap to be installed.
Think you don’t have enough time to get your business vehicle wrapped? Think again. A full wrap turn around can take only two days and is done around your schedule. Your vehicle will be back on the road looking better than ever before you even know it.
To ensure that you get the best graphics possible, you want to make sure that the company that is wrapping your vehicle is 3M certified. This means that the specific company you are doing business with is using the best material on the market and with that you get a manufacturer’s warranty through the 3M brand.
The last thing that may be passing through your mind, is what if I don’t want a graphic on my car for multiple years? This is not a problem whatsoever. The vinyl can be taken off your vehicle in under an hour. All it takes is a little heat. The company who installed your vinyl can do it or you can even do it yourself. When the vinyl is removed, your car looks as if nothing was ever on it. Paint and plastics on your car are not affected at all.
At the end of the day, using your car for advertising is what is currently working in today’s competitive markets. Compared to other marketing options, vehicle wraps are a very affordable investment and make impressions everyday that you are on the road.
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